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Use the most popular metric for measuring customer satisfaction and understand if your business will get recommended by your customers.

In a world where people rely on each other's advice, the NPS score survey(the net promoter score) can provide you with valuable feedback on whether your business will get recommended. Unhappy customers and negative word-of-mouth reviews can seriously damage your business's reputation and deter new customers from purchasing from you. Find out how many of your customers belong to the detractors, passives, or promoters group (brand ambassadors) and the reason behind their good or bad customer experience.

Our net promoter score survey includes two follow-up questions besides the most significant single question, “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague," so you can receive an explanation behind the given score. Surely, you can always edit the NPS survey questions and make them fit your needs. All you have to do is choose field type from the “question settings" and modify the survey in one click. Furthermore, you can change the theme of the NPS survey template, add your company's logo, rearrange the questions and write an original thank you message. Also, you can turn on the email notifications and be notified every time a respondent leaves feedback. Your customers can answer the NPS questions with a single tap on the rating scale, so the response rate should be higher. The survey can be easily distributed on social media, email, SMS, or embedded on your website. You can monitor the real-time survey responses from one place in the EmbedForms platform and download all the NPS data later in Excel or Google Sheets.

Running this survey annually is a great way to set a benchmark and determine if your business made progress in customer loyalty compared to last year. The best part is that the customer feedback picked up from the questionnaire can be applied as social proof (testimonials) on your website of how excellent your product/service is. Learn how to use NPS to reduce customer churn, grow the number of loyal customers, and increase customer retention.

Practical use-case:

The NPS scoring system is usually used by SaaS companies. It can be used in combination with a customer satisfaction survey as part of the onboarding steps of the users. Additionally, this net promoter system can be extended and you can use the EmbedForms to expand the NPS survey form with open-ended questions and more rating questions that will help you collect more information about the context of the score provided by the users: for example collect company name, referral information, etc.

Here is how to get started:

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