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Send emails to your customers to request reviews on autopilot
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Upload your customers' email list and use EmbedSocial to ask for reviews via email.

The email template contains your own link to a collect form provided by EmbedSocial, which will collect and archive the reviews in your EmbedSocial account for later use.

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Embed your email reviews on any website

Similar to your social reviews, once you connect Email as an aggregator source, you are able to create a specific widget with the reviews that you've collected by sending emails to your customers.

All this by just embedding one line of code on your website, with options to choose layouts or customize the design of the web widgets.

Customize email reviews template

Use the email editor to edit the efault email and change the text for asking your customer's to

Each email contains must have structure, such as email subject and unsubscribe option that you should have in mind when creating the email template.

How to generate and embed Email reviews?

Follow these steps to start collecting reviews via email by using the EmbedSocial platform:

  1. Start a trial and register to EmbedSocial
  2. Choose Email as reviews source
  3. Setup email template
  4. Add customers' emails
  5. Send the emails
  6. Create reviews feed by choosing Emails as a source
  7. Copy/paste the provided code to embed the widget containing the email reviews

Send personal reviews request emails at scale

EmbedSocial's email editor provides dynamic parameters that can be used in the email template that will create a personal voice of the email text.

For example, one of the parameters can replace the customer's email and the same template will be sent to multiple people replacing the parameter with the actual email of the specific customer.

The current email parameters include the following data: your company name, customer name, source name, unsubscribe link and link to review form.

Reminder emails and notifications

As additional settings to your email review requests, the EmbedSocila platform provides you with options to send reminder emails to the customers who have not replied to the email. This setting is just one click, and you no longer need to do this check manually and lose time to prepare the reminder emails.

Additionally, you can set notifications for you, to get a reminder each time a customer responds to the emails and leave a review.

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