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The web feedback forms are part of the EmbedReviews platform and are available for free and paid users.

It provides you with the functionality to create feedback forms and display them on your website, with one line of code and in seconds.

With the feedback forms, you can collect reviews on your website or send a unique link of the created form via email to your customers.

The result is a closed-loop of an entire review management process that includes collecting, analysis, curation, reply, and display, all in one platform.

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Buttons, popups, and embeddable forms

You can choose from a few types of widgets that best fit your website layout.

  • Form web page with a unique link
  • Embeddable form in any web content
  • Floating popover
  • A button that, when clicked, opens the form
    Each of these widgets has additional settings that you can set up to customize them best for your needs.

Additionally, the forms provide two authentication options: One via email and one via Facebook, allowing customers to click a button and verify their profile while submitting the feedback.

Localize feedback forms with multiple languages

The current settings provide options to choose the language that translates all the text in your form.

You can choose from the following: English, Japanese, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Indonesian, Spanish, Czech, Finnish, Portuguese, or Arabic.

Upon request, we can do additional translations.

How to create feedback forms?

Follow these steps to create your first web form with EmbedReviews

  1. Start a trial for EmbedReviews
  2. In Sources, choose Web Forms
  3. Define privacy link and name of your form
  4. Choose the type of your widget
  5. Copy/paste the code to display the feedback form on your website

Multiple forms on multiple websites

There are no limitations. Both for the free and paid users, you will be able to create as many forms you need and embed them on multiple website domains.

The code works on most CMS and eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and similar, so you will not need any coding skills to implement the code.

Get notifications and respond to reviews

In the settings panel, you can switch on an alert option and define the recipient. By doing this, you will receive a notification each time a customer submits the form.

And the best, you can reply to this feedback from the platform or select it to display it on a widget on your website.

Need help?

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