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As Instagram Stories have a 24 hours life span, you need something that will help your photos remain to live as long as you need to.

The good news is that collecting your favorite product or service photos and embedding them on your website can be easier than it seems.

A simple tool like EmbedStories can help you select your preferred product or service photos and craft a unique Photo Stories gallery to revive your website with visual marketing.

Easily upload, manage, and embed your photos in the familiar Story format using 5 customizable widgets and have them live on your site in less than a few minutes.

You can re-use the stories you share on your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and upload them in EmbedStories, creating an eye-catching Photo Story widget.

Optimize your website performance and grow your business with an astonishing variety of Photo Stories widgets that can be embedded on any website.

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Benefits of Photo Stories widgets

  • Improves the user experience and average time on page
  • Improves the conversion rate with shoppable Photo Stories
  • Organizes your photo content and helps you present it in an engaging story format
  • Lends a modern website look with a dose of color and liveliness
  • Saves you time to manage and build modern widgets without any coding skills

Variety of Photo Stories widgets

Every website has its own look and feel, so our team made sure to design widgets that will fit every website branding, and at the same time, be desktop and mobile-friendly, too.

Check out the trendy AMP carousel layout, try the Slider or Lightbox widget. Use 5 column (grid) type of designs or just test all templates and see what works best for you!

Custom CSS editor for your Photo Story widget

But don't stop with the default templates.

We made every widget to be so flexible and customizable that you can completely change the entire look with a simple CSS code.

It has never been easier to create a fully unique look and the perfect visualization and engaging user experience you always dreamed of.

How to embed Photo Stories on your website?

Follow these 4 easy steps to create your Photo Stories widget:

  1. Start your free trial for EmbedStories
  2. Go to Stories and click 'Upload story' and upload (or drag and drop) as many photos you want
  3. Choose the layout that fits best for your brand, moderate the widget and add CTA buttons
  4. Copy/paste the provided code to showcase the Photo Story widget on your website

Create multiple Photo Story widgets for every website you have

Whether you are a marketing agency, business owner, photographer or designer, EmbedStories allows you to tell your story in an organized manner.

The number of websites you can use to display your Photo widget is not limited, so feel free to embrace your creativity on any website you have.

How to embed Photo Stories in WordPress websites?

Our code works for every website builder, and WordPress is one of the most used one.

All you need to do is to copy and paste the code we provide you with into the HTML section of your WordPress website. Next, just relax and notice the boost in user engagement and conversions.

Download EmbedStories plugin for WordPress.

Need help?

Frequently asked questions about Photo stories widgets

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