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How many times you needed to share your creative Pinterest ideas with your website visitors, but you absolutely needed a developer to create a slider or masonry widget to fit your website design?

Luckily, EmbedSocial can help you upload your Pinterest stories in one single space, and provide you with tons of widgets to display them on any position on your website.

Thus, giving you more widget layouts to showcase your Story Pins.

Plus, you can combine them with other stories from Instagram or other manually uploaded photo stories or video stories.

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Benefits of Pinterest Story Pins widgets

  • Boosts engagement and stimulates more product page clicks
  • Increases the website traffic and conversions
  • Promotes your Pinterest account on your website
  • Turns website visitors into followers
  • Adds social media proof and shows your expertise on a field

Variety of Story Pin widgets

Note that you can embed Pinterest pins in a variety of widget layouts on any website.

Explore the ready-made templates to display your Pinterest widget with visual stories feed that will be perfect for showcasing your Pinterest collections.

Try the innovative AMP layout, check out Slider, Lightbox, Pop up, Column’s widgets, and choose your favorite look!

Our team is constantly improving the design of the layouts so they can be a great fit for any website design. They work like a charm for mobile or desktop versions too.

Custom CSS editor for your Pinterest widget

We made our platform so friendly and flexible that you can change the entire functionality with uploading a simple CSS code.

Reshape the whole design of the widget to fit your desired look with our custom CSS option available for each widget.

How to embed Pinterest stories?

Follow these steps to start uploading your Story pins in EmbedSocial and create your first Pinterest stories widgets for your website:

  1. Start your free trial for EmbedStories
  2. Upload your Pinterest Story pins images and videos
  3. Customize the layout and moderate the widget as wanted
  4. Copy/paste the code to display the Pinterest Story on your website

Create multiple Pinterest widgets for multiple websites

Use the same account for multiple websites! 

The system is flexible and allows you to create as many widgets you need without limitations where you want to embed them, or on how many websites.

This is perfect for agencies or brands that might have multiple Pinterest accounts. Once you create one account you can basically create unlimited widgets that work on different websites you manage. 

How to embed Pinterest Stories for WordPress?

If your website builder is WordPress, we got your covered!

Our dedicated team has designed a friendly widget that will help you display your Pinterest widget with just a simple shortcode that you just need to copy and paste into the HTML section of your website builder.

Download EmbedStories plugin for WordPress.

Need help?

Frequently asked questions about Pinterest stories widgets

Have a specific question about the Pinterest stories widgets? Check the FAQ section below or click the bottom right chat icon and talk with us.