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The EmbedSocial platform allows you to generate up to 3 Yelp reviews and combine them in widgets with other social media reviews.

We provide this option in a bigger platform where non-developers or SME owners can simply and easily manage their online reputation in one place and with a simple line of code display testimonials on their websites.

generate and embed yelp reviews

Add Yelp reviews in modern web widgets

Whilst the Yelp platform currently limits the generation of more than 3 reviews, we urge you to combine your Yelp reviews with other reviews that you can generate through the EmbedSocial platform

The current reviews widgets that you can use to showcase the Yelp reviews inlude sliders, grids, masonry, carousels and table layouts.

How to generate and embed Yelp reviews?

Follow these steps to start collecting Yelp reviews with EmbedSocial:

  1. Start a trial and register to EmbedSocial
  2. Enter the URL of your Yelp business page
  3. Select your Yelp page
  4. Customize the widget layout and moderate the reviews if needed
  5. Copy/paste the code to display the Yelp reviews on your website

Show authentic people, not stock photos

All EmbedSocial widgets provide user-generated content that includes specific details about real people who shared their feedback about a specific company on their social media profiles.

The API integration of EmbvedSocial gives the possibility to generate this data and give you tools to show it on your website, such as user profile photos, user name, date of review, link to the original source of the reviews and similar.

Show social proof, increase web sales

Having your Yelp reviews on your website will directly impact the decision making of your new prospects.

The social reviews have the power of authenticity, which becomes your digital word-of-mouth tool of convincing more customers to buy on your website.

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