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Why you need YouTube channel on your website?

Execute your marketing strategy and hit more numbers for reach, followers, and sales
Save time to create content for website updates
Create a live YouTube feed that auto-updates and provides fresh videos on your website, automatically.
Sell more with authenticity and interaction
Provid authentic content that creates interaction with web visitors, boosts engagement and leads to more conversions.
Expand reach to increase YouTube subscribers
Add a 'Subscribe' button inline or in the popup of the YouTube widget and navigate the web visitors to your YouTube channel.
YouTube API Integration

Re-create your YouTube channel for your website

With a simple code, you can display an entire YouTube feed on any webpage that will sync each time you post a video on your YouTube channel.
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Shoppable feed

Create a YouTube shop for your website

Make your YouTube feeds shoppable with custom 'Buy' buttons. This means that in your EmbedSocial feed editor, you can add custom call to action links that can redirect each user to your checkout pages on your website.

Works with any CMS or eCommerce platform

EmbedSocial works for any platform that supports embedding JavaScript code and shortcodes compatibility. To use the YouTube feed for Shopify just paste the code in the page editor where you want to display your YouTube feed.

For WordPress websites, we provide a native  EmbedSocial WordPress YouTube feed plugin. Just set the WordPress plugin, customize the widget to match your WordPress theme and you'll get an interactive YouTube feed widget on your WordPress site in seconds. No access token is needed.

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10+ YouTube feed templates that match any website design

Widgets that guarantee page speed. Plus variety of customization options

Variety of YouTube video feeds, channels, or playlists

Playlists widgets, YouTube hashtag widgets, or channels, EmbedSocial gives you the two options.

With YouTube playlists, you are able to create a video widget that will embed an entire video playlist from your YouTube channels.

Or, you can just create one widget containing all videos from your entire video channel having all your YouTube video content sync with your website,


Make custom YouTube widget that fits your brand

Use the customization options to quickly style the design of the YouTube widget. For more advanced and complete re-design, use the CSS editor that will enable you to apply a custom style that overwrites the video channel's default design.

Control which YouTube videos are published

Auto-sync or curate your web video gallery. With a simple switch on/off, you can make the video feed update manually or use the options to handpick which videos to show on your website.

Create multiple video feeds for multiple websites

Want to use the same EmbedSocial account for more websites or more widgets? No problem!

The system is flexible and allows you to create as many widgets you need without limitations where you want to embed them, or on how many websites.

This is perfect for agencies or multi-location brands that might have different YouTube channels or hashtags that want to follow and generate YouTube widgets accordingly.

How to generate and embed YouTube videos?

Follow these steps to start aggregating YouTube videos and playlists with EmbedSocial:

  1. Start a trial and register to EmbedSocial
  2. Choose YouTube as a source
  3. Paste the link of your YouTube channel
  4. Customize the layout and moderate the YouTube videos if needed
  5. Copy/paste the code to embed the YouTube channel on your website

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Frequently asked questions about YouTube video feed

Have a specific question about YouTube channel or playlist feeds? Check the FAQ section below or click the bottom right chat icon and talk with us.
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