UR LiFE SOUL Customer Reviews

5.0 rating out of 34 reviews

Tanja Amstuz
Meine Stimmung kann nur gut werden mit meinem täglichen SOUL Shot.
4 months ago
Susan Scales
It was better than expected! I've struggled with insomnia, depression and anxiety for the majority of my life. Just in the short time I've been using Soul, I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my symptoms. It truly does seem to level off my mood. I'm not experiencing the insomnia and I've been able to stay asleep at night. I'm also noticing I'm not easily brought to tears any longer. Before taking this, a sad commercial could leave me sobbing. I feel like I'm able to think more clearly and rationally. I will be purchasing this again and again.
4 months ago
This is my hero product! After suffering from PMDD for years I needed something natural that would be powerful enough to keep my irrational moods and anger in check and help my severe fatigue. 2 years after starting and I haven’t looked back!
8 months ago
Judy Taylor
Love love love this product. I had a radical hysterectomy due to cancer and my mood was all over the place and had fatigue and anxiety , since taking soul I notice a happier mood and energy that last all day. Plus I rest better at night.
a year ago
I reccomend soul to anyone suffering from anxiety it's a great product which gives you a feel good factor
2 years ago
I tried this product and can honestly say it helped to calm me down. I suffer with anxiety, fatigue and my hormones are all over the place. This gave me the boost I needed and gave me more energy.
3 years ago
Gemma Bristoll
I suffer with Low mood have done for years since suffering with PTSD in 2005 and this stuff has given my mood a boost to whole new levels, I thought in 2020 I would send up back on Antidepressants, but this stuff has helped me avoid that conclusion, I love it and will keep taking this from now on!
3 years ago
Nina Serretiello-Brett
My anxiety became quite bad in the first lockdown due to shielding, when I went back to work I was so nervous, anxious and upset. This lockdown I was shielding again and started biting my nails (I’ve never done that). I started taking soul and the fluttering feeling in my chest stopped, my stomach wasn’t turning and I realised I wasn’t biting my nails any more! I won’t be without it now, it’s fantastic.
3 years ago