Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment - Employer Client and Candidate Reviews

4.9 rating out of 137 reviews

User profile - David Nash.
David Nash
Had a great experience with Rob. He prepared a detailed pre interview pack, with information, tips and ideas I’ve never seen the like of before. Reader, I got the position.
5 days ago
User profile - Claire Gittins.
Claire Gittins
Simon was very professional and helpful in securing me a new job. It all happened very quickly, just due to the situation. He completed follow up calls to ensure I was happy with everything.
a month ago
User profile - Nina Anderson.
Nina Anderson
Super professional, quick and efficient. A lovely team and a pleasure to deal with, highly recommend. Sophie was fabulous.
a month ago
User profile - Jakub Masnica.
Jakub Masnica
The Aaron Wallis Team, and Sophie in particular, were extremely helpful and organized. I highly recommend them for anyone searching in the Sales Job Market.
2 months ago
User profile - Matt Hughes.
Matt Hughes
Fantastic service from Darren. Secured me a role swiftly in a field which met my requirements and was always swift with communication. Would highly recommend.
3 months ago
User profile - Suzanne Gennery.
Suzanne Gennery
George was friendly, helpful, well informed and very professional when helping me secure a new role.
3 months ago
User profile - jordan p.
jordan p
Lucy was fantastic during our search. From Application to Job offer, every step of the process was explained to me and advice given. The speed of responses from Lucy was excellent and she provided fantastic feedback and advice prior to and after application stages. The best experience I’ve ever had with a recruiter - Professional, Diligent and Thorough.
5 months ago
User profile - Kelly M.
Kelly M
Lucy has been amazing! On consult Lucy completely changed what role to show me. I have had my first day today and it's like the job was literally made for me! I was only put forward to one role because I was uninterested in anything else on introduction. My printer failed me when it came to signing the contract and Aaron Wallis was able to provide me with a document I could digitally sign. Thank you Lucy and Aaron Wallis team, I am most grateful for everything.
7 months ago
User profile - Chelsea Ruby.
Chelsea Ruby
Sophie was amazing from the start to finish, they really make you feel part of the process from the start and her impartial advice was on point from the moment we initially spoke.
8 months ago
User profile - craig cameron.
craig cameron
good all round experience
8 months ago
User profile - Jonathan Fettis.
Jonathan Fettis
The recruitment team was very helpful and proactive want to especially thank Simon Bonner who guided me throughout the recruitment process and was a massive help.
8 months ago
User profile - graham howie.
graham howie
On the ball at all times, focussed and sharp.
9 months ago
User profile - ellen lin.
ellen lin
10 months ago
User profile - Tracey Howard.
Tracey Howard
Very professional service. Kept in touch throughout the whole process. Thanks Sophie!
10 months ago
User profile - Sevi Tharrenou.
Sevi Tharrenou
Lucy was fantastic. She was helpful throughout the process. The hiring process was very quick and clear instructions were given throughout each stage of Interview. Thanks Lucy for your help :)
10 months ago
User profile - Jay T.
Jay T
I was found by Aaron Wallis recruitment online and they instantly matched me with a job much better suited to me than anything I'd been able to find myself. Excellent company and I'm now much happier myself with my new employer
10 months ago
User profile - Lorenzo.
Sam helped me from application stage, right through to helping me secure my new position. He went above and beyond to help and was there to support as and when needed. If you're looking for a new job and need someone who knows what they're doing, ask for Sam!!
11 months ago
User profile - Paul Houlker.
Paul Houlker
Great experience from start to finish Sophie was superb and kept me informed throughout the whole process, would definitely recommend.
12 months ago
User profile - Jack Franks.
Jack Franks
Aaron Wallis were fantastic when assisting me take the next step in my career. Thoroughly professional and attentive throughout and seem to have you best interests in heart which is more to be said than some other recruitment firms. Special thanks to Simon and Rob for their help. Highly recommended
a year ago
User profile - Clo.
Sam was friendly, helpful and went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and supported. And he got me my perfect job! Thanks Sam!
a year ago