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User profile - DenverEnergy.
New Media took on the migration of our website when we were in a jam, even after we realized the site wasn't built properly, thus inheriting a troubled site. They worked with us to fix critical issues, and hosted our site for over a year. The site we initially had was too troubled to maintain so we are no longer with New Media but they made sure we were up and live elsewhere before closing our site on their end. We truly appreciate their time and dedication.
8 years ago
User profile - Cheese+Provisions.
We highly recommend New Media. We needed a robust web site for our new business and did extensive research to find our partner. We interviewed more than a dozen firms, but as soon as we hung up with New Media, we knew we'd found the right firm. They lived up to that expectation. They built us an amazing content management system that gives us more flexibility than we ever imagined we'd be able to afford. They are clearly passionate about what they do and were great to work with all along. They trained us (and re-trained us when we failed to follow instructions). They helped us scrub the site pre-launch so it was exactly what we wanted. A lot of firms can build you a web site. New Media is a real partner in the process.
8 years ago
User profile - Darlene Starr.
Darlene Starr
NewMedia just built a new website for KNN Financial Partners, Inc.. They did a great job for us. The team at NewMedia is wonderful to work with. They are friendly, flexible, easy to get in touch with if you have a question and built our website quickly. We had a great experience and would highly recommend NewMedia. We will be using them in the future.
8 years ago
User profile - Stephanie Collins.
Stephanie Collins
Great website in a hurry. From initial design to completion they had my brand in mind and created me a new website with all the functions I needed in under a month. Their ongoing support has been top notch. I recommend them to anyone that needs a new site.
8 years ago
User profile - Katharine Smith.
Katharine Smith
I had the best experience with the Newmedia team and would recommend them to anyone!
8 years ago
User profile - Greg Bobich.
Greg Bobich
The entire team at NewMedia was great!! They made the entire process of designing and getting our website up and running a very smooth process. They were attentive and the turn around time on modifications was within a day. We would and will use them again for any web needs. Nice job NewMedia!!!
8 years ago
User profile - Raquelle Fahle.
Raquelle Fahle
Awesome human beings. Quality sites.
8 years ago
User profile - J B.
I trusted this firm with a $60k project, yet they could not deliver. From shady contracts, to general incompetence, they’ll gladly take your money and walk away. Beware.
2 years ago
User profile - Emily Clark.
Emily Clark
They were great except for them being late on every promise they made to us.
3 years ago
User profile - Moe Money.
Moe Money
Incompetent people that know just as much about webdesign as my nephew in middle school.
4 years ago
User profile - James Collier.
James Collier
4 years ago
User profile - Joseph Wells.
Joseph Wells
4 years ago
User profile - David Perzynski.
David Perzynski
4 years ago
User profile - Ba Mo.
Ba Mo
6 years ago
User profile - Brian Smith.
Brian Smith
8 years ago
User profile - Kaleigh Bauer.
Kaleigh Bauer
8 years ago
User profile - Janine Sytsma.
Janine Sytsma
9 years ago
User profile - Ryan McVeigh.
Ryan McVeigh
9 years ago
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Kasondra Collett
3 years ago
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aj aj
3 years ago