The Official WordPress Gallery Plugin

Hey ? friends, raise your hands if you need a new WordPress Gallery Plugin!

We’ve finally got our place at the official WordPress plugin directory with our WordPress gallery Plugin for Facebook albums ? ! Check it out!

I have to tell you that this was one of the most requested options and I am very proud of our team that made it possible.

If you are one of our current users, I assume you will probably ask these questions:

What is different than the previous unofficial version?

Well, I will be very short – it is tested and approved by the very talented team at WordPress and that means that you can use this plugin with a great confidence in its security! See it in action here ➡️

What is different than the non-Wordpress version?!

The WordPress users have the benefit to generate simple shortcodes from the platform, and use them in their blog posts without editing the website’s HTML. It is very handy for non-technical users. Additionally, the WordPress users get:

WordPress gallery plugin for Facebook photos

Let me summarize the EmbedAlbum WordPress gallery plugin benefits:


Examples of how you can use the EmbedAlbum WordPress gallery plugin:

Hence, this plugin will save your time and enhance your blog content or corporate website. In that relation, it will cut costs for web maintenance and constant updates of the Facebook API changes. Yes, that is our concern. Your job ends with the copy/paste of the code.

Hope you will find the EmbedAlbum WordPress gallery plugin useful and if you need more features we are open to accepting new challenges!