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UGC Social proof platform
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Re-invent your web commerce

Let social proof grow your online business, at scale

Use EmbedSocial’s advance tech to aggregate your customer content and sync it with your website, in real-time.
UGC Social proof platform
User-generated content tool
Sync your Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram or Google locations and generate reviews, stories, photos or feeds.
Better SEO & More Traffic
Show star snippets in Google search results, increase CTRs and drive more traffic to your website.
Visual Marketing
Expand the reach of your social media content beyond your accounts, and make them visible to your web audiences.
Insta eCommerce
Make your social media photos shoppable with just one line of code and sell more with REAL visuals.
Social Ads
Re-use the UGC to improve your online marketing and build Facebook ads with your customer photos or reviews.
Insights & Reporting
Tools to measure your content performance on social media and on-site. Understand what works.

EmbedSocial plays with other apps

Any web builder, CMS, eCommerce platform that supports JavaScript plus native apps for Zapier, Slack, Shopify, Intercom and Wordpress.
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