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Plugin to embed facebook album

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``YES! Life complete! Thank you for such an awesome and innovative tool! Upvote upvote upvote!!!``- James Thompson, Digital Designer for Newline Showers
``Wow! looks like you guys have more stuffs in your bucket. I am pretty excited after looking at the number of significant app on your website. Facebook Notifications Platform, Discounts Mobile App and EmbedPush are amazing. ``- Nishant Gupta, Growth, Vizury
``Nice product, congrats! Happy to see some stuff made in Macedonia on PH. Keep it up!``- Lucas Korol, CTO & Head of Prd Design @codeandpepper
``Congrats on being featured @embedsocial, we kinda knew you were great locally already! :)``- Kalina Zografska, Product fella @InplayerApps

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