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Benefits of Using the EmbedReviews Free Plan
Benefits of Using the EmbedReviews Free Plan

Learn what features are available with our free plan

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The main functionality of EmbedReviews is to enable you to collect all reviews posted on your Google location or Facebook page by your customers and embed them in your website. Then, it automatically syncs and updates the reviews on your website. This saves you a lot of time.

You can completely control how the reviews appear on your website, enabling you to choose from different layout options, the option to prioritise some great reviews and to choose which reviews will be displayed on your website.

If you decide to use our free plan for EmbedReviews, you’ll continue having access to the following features:

  • Google reviews - You can display 5 Google reviews

  • Web collect form - Collect more reviews from your users directly on your website with an embedded Web Collect form.

  • Custom Reviews - Submit and create an embedded widget with your own custom reviews.

  • Import reviews - Choose your best reviews that you've collected through email, chat or other review websites, upload them in a custom source and display them on any website.

  • Bonus - Create a unique Reviews Page within our domain, where you can collect and publish all your customers’ reviews.

  • Unlimited Feeds & Widgets

  • Badges - Display an aggregated badge with an average rating from your reviews

If you need more resources and features and you choose to upgrade to one of our paid plans, you’ll have additional access to the following:

  • 2 or more sources

  • Multiple collect forms - Collect reviews from your customers directly on your website, with a Web Collect Form

  • Facebook reviews

  • Google reviews

  • Badges - Display an aggregated badge with an average rating from your reviews

  • Search Stars Snippets - Display star ratings for your pages in Google search results

  • Multiple Layouts & Options

  • Moderation - Monitor and respond to your Google or Facebook reviews all in one place

  • Auto Update

  • Email Reviews Requests - Send out email requests to your customers to leave you reviews

  • SMS Reviews Requests

  • Team Sub-Accounts

  • API Access

  • 1 or more Yelp Locations

If you have any questions, click the bottom right chat icon to talk with our customer success team or send us an email at

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