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A complete guide on how you can easily generate, embed, and display your Instagram and Facebook albums.

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up your account, connect your Facebook/Instagram accounts, as well as generate and display your albums.

If you still don't have an EmbedAlbum account, click to start a 7-day trial.

In order to set up your account you will need to log in to your account.

In order to create a widget album from your Facebook albums you will need to:

1. On the left-hand side menu, click on 'Facebook albums' and in the top-right corner click 'Add new':

2. EmbedSocial will ask you to connect the Facebook account, that manages your Facebook pages, in order to pull your Facebook albums:

Connecting the desired Facebook account

Once you connect your Facebook account, you will automatically get redirected to the page to 'create album widget' from your Facebook albums, or If you previously connected your Facebook account, you will get redirected automatically.

On this page, you can navigate through all the Facebook business pages that you manage, and select an album to create a widget.

In the screenshot below, you will see that I will use the 'Diellza' Facebook page, and create a widget from the "Vibe Beach" album:

Selecting the desired album ad creting album widget

That's it!

Your album will be imported in seconds and you can just copy/paste the provided code into the body section of your website:

copying the widget code

You will have several layouts and customization options where you can add your own Custom CSS and modify the appearance of the widget to make it more fit to your brand or website design.

If you have any questions, click the bottom right chat icon to talk with our customer success team or send us an email at support@embedsocial.com

We're here for you 🙏

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