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Add Social media icons block in Feedlink
Add Social media icons block in Feedlink

Showcase all your social media links on your Feedlink page

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We've just added social icons block that will help you showcase all your social media platforms.

Let your followers discover all your social media profiles in one place. Use social media icons block to add links to all your platforms.

Find your perfect mix! The choice is yours:

  • Facebook page

  • Instagram account

  • Twitter account

  • TikTok account

  • Linkedin account

  • Youtube channel

  • Email

  • Discord channel

  • Patreon page

  • and many more.

To add your social media block, first, log in to Feedlink and open your Feedlink page editor.

Next, follow the steps below:

Step 1: In the page editor, click 'Explore':

Step 2: Click 'Social media icons' and the icons will appear on the page

Step 3: To add the links for each icon, go to the sidebar, and in the 'Block Settings' submit the links for the icons you choose.

Step 4: To add more icons, just click the link 'Add new link' below the links form, and from the popover choose the platform you want to add.

Please note, that we're constantly adding new icons, so feel free to check from time to time.

Hope this update will make you grow your social media following and expand the reach of your online activities.

If you still don't have a Feedlink account, sign up for free now.


For any additional questions, feel free to click the bottom right chat icon and talk with us live.

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