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How to schedule links in Feedlink
How to schedule links in Feedlink

Step-by-step guide to schedule links on your Feedlink page.

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If you have an upcoming release or new offer that you want to promote in a few days or later, the Schedule Link feature can help. This feature will help you schedule the time and date when a link appears or disappears from your Feedlink page. It is great to plan the links on your page and edit them more efficiently.

You can use it when you have upcoming releases, PR campaigns, or any other time-sensitive content you want to promote.

In order to schedule links you will need to:

1. Open the desired Feedlink page, hover over the link you want to schedule, and click 'Schedule'

Clicking the schedule icon inside the feedlink page

2. Select the date and time you want the link to be 'Published' and 'Unpublished'. The unpublished date is not mandatory.

Select the timezone and click 'Schedule'

Selecting the publish and unpublish dates, the time zone and clicking schedule

That's it! Now your link is scheduled! Remember that you can always edit or delete a scheduled link by going back to the editor and clicking on the schedule icon again.

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