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Track Instagram and TikTok posts click on your Feedlink page
Track Instagram and TikTok posts click on your Feedlink page

A guide on how to measure the Instagram and TikTok posts clicks on your Feedlink page

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If you are interested in seeing how many visitors clicked on your Instagram and TikTok blocks inside your Feedlink, you can learn more in the following article.

"Posts clicks" is a number that lets you know how many times your posts were clicked on your Feedlink page. It's a good metric to track because it lets you know how often people are interested in the content you're sharing.

Here are the steps on how to find your Instagram and TikTok posts clicks:

  • First go to your Feedlink page.

  • Then acess the "Analytics tab" in the Editor of your Feedlink page.

  • In order to see your post clicks, you should have your Instagram or TikTok account already connected, but don't worry you can do that in the Analytics tab" in the Editor of your Feedlink page.

  • If your account is connected previously and the feed is already added to your Feedlink page, you will see two tables: "Instagram" and "TikTok".

  • The first table tracks total clicks on your Instagram feed.

  • If you have more than one Instagram or TikTok account, you can choose from the drop-down menu for which account you would like to see the analytics, and in the table would be listed all of your posts together with the number of clicks.

Please note that only the posts with CTA would be listed in the table, so If some of your posts are not listed in the table, you should check if those posts have a clickable link.

This number is an important metric to track because it tells you how effective your content is in driving users to take action.

The higher the number, the more popular your post was. If you have a low number of clicks, it might be a good idea to try a different type of content or format.

Keep track of your total CTA clicks to get an idea of how often people are clicking on your posts.

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