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How to make a shoppable Instagram feed
How to make a shoppable Instagram feed

How to add CTA buttons & Tag your products so your Instagram feeds are shoppable on your website.

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EmbedFeed offers a unique option for you to add Call-to-action buttons (CTA) or to directly tag your products and make your Instagram feeds shippable.

To make your posts shoppable, please login to your EmbedFeed account and follow the steps below:

If you still don't have an EmbedFeed account, click to start a 7-day trial.

Add CTA buttons on your posts

Apply the same link to all of your posts

1. Open the desired widget, navigate to the "Links" tab, and choose to add the same link to all posts by selecting 'Apply one link to all posts'. Then you will need to add the desired link and button text and click 'Save':

Applying the same CTA button to all the posts

Apply different links to different posts

In order to add different links to each post on your widget, you will need to:

3. Click on the 'Links' section then click on the 'Add CTA' of each post. After that, you will need to manually select the 'Button text' and the 'Link URL' and the button and text color as well. Make sure to click 'Save changes':

Applying different CTA for each post

That's it!

Example of the widget with CTA buttons

Example of CTA buttons

Tag the products on your social media posts

Tag your products with links to external websites

To "Tag" your products, please make sure that you are logged in to your EmbedSocial account and:

1. Go to the 'Widgets' tab, open the desired widget, and click on 'Links':

NAvigating to the Links section inside the widget

2. Now you will see your posts, where you can add individual links to them. Select 'Tag products':

Clicking on the tag products option

3. Click 'Links to external website':

Selecting the links to external website option

3. And you will have the option to select which part of the Image you want to add this tag. Once you select the place, fill in the fields needed below such as product link URL, Product name, and Price. Make sure to click 'Save tag':

Adding a tag froma product on a post in my widget

Please note that if your page has a Schema code, the product data [product name and price] will be automatically populated below within a short delay.

Tag Your Social Media Posts with Square Products

If you have a Square website, then you can tag your products automatically by following this article:

Example of the widget with product tags

Final result of the widget with tagged products

For any questions or additional assistance please feel free to reach out anytime, or send us an email at

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