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Threads by Instagram, as an EmbedFeed source?
Threads by Instagram, as an EmbedFeed source?

This article will help you learn more about Instagram Threads, when it's gonna be available to be used in EmbedFeed

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Written by Laze Trajkov
Updated over a week ago

As Meta and Instagram rolled out their new app called Threads, we wanted to let you know that currently, we don't have a direct integration to pull and showcase Threads Feeds.

However, we are going to continuously monitor the popularity of this app and we may eventually integrate a new EmbedFeed source.

If you have a specific use case on how you would use Threads, and why is it important for you to have it, please feel free to reach us at out Live Chat and share all the details and what will the impact be for you and your business, having threads.

Or, email us at

Bye for now!

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