Can I create a carousel widget?

Learn if you can create a carousel widget through EmbedSocial

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Thank you for posting this question! Of course, you can achieve this very easily just by selecting one of our already-created templates.

In order to create a carousel widget you will need to:

1. Navigate to the 'Widgets' section and click 'New widget':

Creating a new widget

2. Select the desired source and click 'Create widget':

Selecting Instagram as a source and creating the widget

Once the widget is created, you can select one of the already-created templates in order to create a carousel widget.

Select the carousel template

Going to the templated section inside the editor and selecting the carousel widget

That's it! Now you can embed the widget on your website!

If you have any questions, click the bottom right chat icon to talk with our customer success team or send us an email at

We're here for you 🙏

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