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How to publish and schedule your Instagram posts through Feedlink
How to publish and schedule your Instagram posts through Feedlink

Step-by-step tutorial on how to schedule your Instagram posts through Feedlink

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Hey, Instagram enthusiasts! We've got something special for you – scheduling your posts just got a whole lot simpler! Stay tuned for a quick guide on how to effortlessly plan and post on Instagram through Feedlink. Get ready to level up your Insta game! 🚀

In this tutorial, we will show you how to do just that, to schedule your Instagram posts through the post scheduling option in Feeldink.

If you still don't have an account for Feedlink, click to start a 7-day trial.

TL;DR - Quick guide:

  1. Navigate to the 'Publishing' tab

  2. Click 'Create post' and select 'Instagram post'

  3. Create your Instagram account and choose the account where you would like to publish the post

  4. Publish it now or schedule it for later

For more details with screenshots, follow the steps below:

How to create a new post for Instagram

In order to create a new post you will need to:

1. Navigate to the 'Publishing' tab, Click 'Create post':

Planning or posting a new story through Feedlink

2. Choose one of the already connected Instagram accounts or connect a new one:

Selecting the account where I want to publish the post

How to connect your Instagram account from scratch?

You still haven't connected your Instagram account to your EmbedSocial account? Feel free to follow the steps on this article in order to connect your account.

3. Choose if you want to publish a regular post or Reel:

Selecing to post a regular post or reel

4. Upload the desired photo and the description:

Uploading the desired photo and description

That's it! now you can choose to publish it on Instagram now or to schedule it for later.

In order to publish it now, you will need to:

1. Click 'Publish':

Publishing the post on Instagram

or in order to schedule it for later you will need to:

1. Click 'Schedule post' select the time zone, and the desired date and time, and click 'Scheudle':

Scheduling the new post

That's it! The post will be posted on Instagram on the selected date and time!

How to create a new post through your Feedlink page

If you have a created Feedlink page, you can schedule your post directly from your page by following these steps:

  1. Open the desired Feedlink page, hover over your Instagram feed and click 'New post'

Creating a new post through the Feedlink page

Once this is done, you can follow the same steps as previously, select the Instagram account, upload the photo, add the description, and publish or schedule the post.

Happy scheduling! 📆🚀

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We're here for you 🙏

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