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How to embed X (Twitter) hashtag feed on your website
How to embed X (Twitter) hashtag feed on your website

Steps on how to generate and embed a X (Twitter) hashtag feed on any website

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In this article, you will learn how to display X (Twitter) posts based on hashtags.

X made changes in their API policy, but we made this as simple as we could, so you can easily display the hashtag posts on your website. Here are the steps for displaying the hashtag posts:

  1. Firstly, you will need an EmbedFeed Premium plan or above, so this feature can be unlocked for you. You can start a free trial here.

  2. Secondly, you will need to buy the Basic Twitter API plan

  3. And lastly, just share the Twitter API with us along with the hashtag/s you'd like to use, so we can add them for you.

That's it! The feed with your X (Twitter) hashtag posts will be created and ready to embed on your website.

To display the feed on your website, just copy the code from your widget:

Copying the code for twitter widget

and paste it into the body section of your website.

If you have any questions, click the bottom right chat icon to talk with our customer success team or send us an email at

We're here for you 🙏

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