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Add buttons to review sites in one place
Add buttons to review sites in one place

Learn how to add Facebook, Yelp and Google review buttons in your review collect form.

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This feature enables users to add all their review sites on one page and link to the forms where their customers can directly submit their reviews.

This means you will always have only one link with all the buttons to different review sites where customers can submit their reviews. You won't need to selectively send them all the links and so they choose where is most convenient to submit a review.

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It is part of the Collect form and everybody can activate the welcome screen where can place multiple links to different review destinations.

Here is what type of buttons and links you can add to this page:

  • Facebook reviews button - redirects customers to submit Facebook recommendations.

  • Google reviews button - redirects customers to write Google reviews.

  • Multiple links to Google locations - a dropdown with links to multiple locations managed by the same brand. This gives the option for people to leave a review at their specific location.

  • Button to navigate to the custom review form - customers can submit reviews in text format, upload images, or even upload a video testimonial. This form has a built-in AI assistant, that will help the customer to write a review

Here is how to create a page with links to multiple review sites.

Following these steps will help you activate a welcome screen within the Collect form that will show all links to your review site's profiles. Include a link to a custom form as an additional option for your customers to leave a review, feedback, or video testimonial.

  1. Log in to your EmbedSocial account;

  2. Click 'Collect form' in the main menu;

  3. Click on the left-hand Build tab and activate the 'Collect reviews on external platform' option;

    Activate multiple reviews sites buttons to collect reviews
  4. Turn the toggles ON for Facebook, Google, or the Yelp button;

  5. To select multiple locations on Google or Facebook/Yelp pages, just click on the dropdown and click the checkboxes of the locations or pages you want to appear as links on the page.

    option to select multiple Google location links
  6. The links will appear on the form, and when you click Preview you can interact with the form.

  7. To share it with your customers, just click on the 'Share' tab and click 'Copy link'

Multiple reviews button demo

Here is a demo link to a review form with multiple buttons for multiple review sites.

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