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Convert LinkedIn posts to blog posts
Convert LinkedIn posts to blog posts

Steps and instructions on how to convert your LinkedIn posts into blog posts.

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Exciting update for content creators and professionals! Now you can easily transform your LinkedIn posts into comprehensive blog posts. This way, you can share your professional ideas with more people and boost your or your company's visibility.

In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of turning your LinkedIn posts into engaging and informative blog content.

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TL;DR - Quick guide;

  1. Create an account on Feedlink

  2. Navigate to the 'Posts' section

  3. Choose to create a blog from a specific LinkedIn post

Thats it! For more details on how you can achieve this, follow the steps below.

Convert your LinkedIn posts into blog posts

1. Navigate to the 'Posts' section:

Navigating to posts sections inside your feedlink account

2. Click on 'Create post' and then select 'Blog from LinkedIn post':

Creating a blog from LinkedIn posts

3. Select the desired LinkedIn page and click 'Next':

Selecting the LinkedIn page

4. Choose a post to create your blog from and click on the 'Next' button:

Selecting the post that we will convert on a blog

5. Choose a Feedlink URL to generate your blog post URL and click 'Next':

Selecting the desired Feedlink URL and clicking next

Now you can further customize your post by following the section 'Customize and edit your post settings' in this article.

6. Once you are done with customizing your blog post click 'Publish':

Publishing the blog

That's it!

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We're here for you 🙏

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