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How to set up the EmbedSocial plugin in Magento
How to set up the EmbedSocial plugin in Magento

Steps and instructions on how you can setup the EmbedSocial plugin for your Magento ecommerce store

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This is a quick step by step tutorial on how you can set up the EmbedSocial plugin in Magento.

Open Magento, go to 'Stores' and click on 'Configuration'

Once you're on the Configurations page, go to 'Default Configurations' and click on 'Default Store View'

If you scroll down you will see 'EmbedSocial' click on it and click on 'Reviews'

Here, you will need to paste the API Key that you generated on your EmbedSocial account, and select the status of your order (in this case Complete) so when your order reaches this status your customers will receive Review requests:

And the last step is to click on 'Save Config' on the top right:

That's it!

If you have any questions or need additional assistance please feel free to reach out to us on our live chat or send us an email at

We're happy to help!

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