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How to embed YouTube hashtag videos on your website
How to embed YouTube hashtag videos on your website

Steps on how to generate and embed a YouTube hashtag videos on any website

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In this article, you will learn and follow the steps on how to pull YouTube videos based on hashtags.

Step 1: Go to Sources and click on "Add New Source" button in the top right corner:

Adding new sources

Step 2: A window with social media networks will open up. Select YouTube as your source.

Step 3: Choose a YouTube hashtag and in the provided input field enter the hashtag keyword by adding the '#' sign, in front, and click the 'Next' button.

Input hashtag and click next

Step 4: Once the feed is generated you will need to select the widget layout and click on the Create feed button.

Selecting a preset template, or starting from Scratch

Step 5: Copy the top-left code (as shown below)

Copying the code

Step 6: Paste it in your website’s page HTML code body section (where you want the widget to appear).

That’s it.

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