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How to make reviews badges clickable?
How to make reviews badges clickable?

Adding link to the badges in EmbedSocial, custom badges to redirect the users to a specific link

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In this article, you will find a solution on how to make the Badges clickable and add a specific link to them, so you can redirect your users to a specific page.

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In order to make badges clickable, you will need to:

1. Open the desired widget and click 'Card':

Navigate to the card section of the widget

2. Scroll and on 'Post links' and on 'Link on badge' you can choose to:

1. Open posts on the original source - Through this option once someone clicks on the badge, will be redirected to the selected source. For example: If you have created a badge from your Google reviews, through this option you will be redirected to the Google location.

2. Custom source - You can add the desired link, and when someone clicks on the badge will be redirected to the added link:

Choose the desired option for the badge to redirect

That's it!

If you still haven't created your badge, you can create it by following this article:

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