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Learn how to curate, analyse and respond to reviews.

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Moderate reviews in your widgetSteps on how to display only the reviews you approve on your widget live.
Organize and group reviews with tagsSteps on how to tag your reviews and display them on your specific product or service pages
How to pin and prioritize reviews?Steps on how to Pin and Prioritize your reviews in your EmbedReviews widget.
How to activate autoresponder for Facebook reviews?Steps and instuctions on how to setup an autoresponder and automatically reply to your Facebook reviews.
How to respond to Google reviews?Steps on how to reply to Google reviews via EmbedReviews.
How to make reviews badges clickable?Adding link to the badges in EmbedSocial, custom badges to redirect the users to a specific link
How to receive reviews notifications in Slack?Steps on how to get Slack notifications every time you receive a Google, Facebook or Website review
How to display EmbedForms responses into EmbedReviews widgetsSteps on how you can integrate your EmbedForms responses and display them into EmbedReviews with all of your other reviews.
How to show my 5-star reviews first - order by ratingLearn how to use order by rating, to show the 5 star reviews first
How can I filter the reviews by a specific number of stars?Learn how to filter the reviews by specific number of stars
How to activate analytics for review widgets?Step-by-step tutorial on how to track metrics for review widgets on your website.
How to enable or disable email notifications inside the EmbedReviews widget?Learn how to enable/disable email notifications when a new review is added on the widget
Why my newest reviews are not shown inside my widget?Learn the reason your newest reviews are not shown on the widget even if they are pulled inside your EmbedSocial account
How to respond to Facebook and Google reviewsSteps on how to reply to Facebook and Google reviews via EmbedReviews product
How to moderate reviews in your widgetSteps on how to moderate reviews in your widget before they appear on your website
AI filters by most used keywords in reviews widgetsSteps and instructions on how to enable AI filtering by most used keywords in your reviews widgets