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Recent API changes for EmbedFeed (Facebook page posts implementation)
Recent API changes for EmbedFeed (Facebook page posts implementation)

Recent changes in the API, for implementing Facebook page posts. Connect the Facebook account, for the specific page to pull posts.

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There have been recent changes in the API documentation from Facebook, where the Facebook page posts flow needs to be reworked.

We have gone ahead and deployed the latest changes, and applied a new setup flow for EmbedFeed.

The recent change will require you to connect the Facebook account, that manages the Facebook page, which you are trying to pull the Facebook page posts.

Below, you can find the steps on how you can continue to use the tool EmbedFeed to import your Facebook page posts and display them on your website:

1. Go to Widgets and click New widget:

2. Click the 'Add New Source' option:

3. Select Facebook, and connect the Facebook account, that manages your Facebook page, to pull the posts:

Note - If you already have your Facebook account connected, you will be automatically redirected to the next step.

4. Select the source type 'Facebook' and click next, and once you click 'Facebook page posts' you will see a drop-down menu, where you can select the page that you want to create a widget, from the ones that you manage (check the screenshot below)

Once you choose the page, click the Next button.

Lastly, you will need to select the layout for your widget and click on the Create widget button.

That's it!

All the recent Facebook page posts from that specific page, will get pulled, and widget will be created out of them:

In this screen you can do the following:

  • Moderate the posts

  • Add call to action buttons on the posts

  • Select the type of layout design

  • Change the design with a Custom CSS

  • Define settings such as light-box mode, number of posts in feed, post types and similar.

If you need any more help, feel free to chat with us anytime.


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