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How to Embed Facebook or Instagram mentions
How to Embed Facebook or Instagram mentions

Tutorial on how to embed posts published on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by other users, mentioning your brand.

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You can use EmbedFeed to generate posts from Facebook or Instagram that are published by other users who mentioned your brand.

To do this, just follow the steps below: 

1. Go to 'Sources' and click on 'Add new source':

2. Next, choose Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as a source. In this guide, we will continue with Instagram mentions:

On the next screen, choose the 'Mentions' option, then choose your Instagram account and click 'Next':

Just so you know, you will need to add your Facebook account which is connected to your Instagram account, in order to pull the Instagram mentions, since this is a requirement from their API.

Your mentioned posts will be generated in seconds, and you only need to select the widget layout and click on the Create widget button:

Note: you can change the layout later.

That's it!

To display this feed on your website, just copy the top-left code:

And paste it anywhere into the body section of your website where you want it to appear.

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