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Embed Social Media Feeds in BigCartel
Embed Social Media Feeds in BigCartel

How to display Instagram feed or other widgets in BigCartel

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Before you get started: Please note that you need to have a BigCartel Premium account to embed EmbedSocial's codes.

Here are the steps on how to embed Instagram feed in BigCartel:

1. Create an EmbedFeed account and follow the steps to generate and create a widget

2. Go to your BigCartel account and click on the top menu item 'Account', scroll down and click on 'Customize Design'

3. Click the <> code icon in the top right and click on the page; for example, click on the 'Home' page

4. Create a <div></div> section and paste the code inside

5. Click 'Done,' and then 'Save'

The Instagram widget will immediately show on your BigCartel website.

For more detailed questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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