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How to customize your Feedlink bio page
How to customize your Feedlink bio page

You can customize your link in the bio page, using bio blocks settings, color, themes on fonts, background, and many other settings

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In this article, you will be able to check out a short video tutorial, on how to use the Bio block settings, and customize your Feedlink page.

If you missed the setup process, please click on the setup button below to create your Feedlink page.

By now, you have your Feedlink page created, and let's jump to the video about customization

I hope the video was helpful and gave you a lot of ideas on how you can make your Link in Bio page, look awesome!

You can always reach out to our Live chat for extra help, or email us at

Also, If you feel like you need a demo of our product, with our EmbedSocial account managers, please click the Calendly link, and schedule one!


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