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How to Use Link Styles in Feedlink
How to Use Link Styles in Feedlink

This article will show you on how to customize your links and use different styles

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In this article, you will be able to learn how to customize your links, with different styles through a short video tutorial.

The Styles are:

- Classic is perfect if you are aiming for a more standard and minimal look

- Description is an ideal way to show your viewpoint and interpretations

- Feature image block is the best way to get an astounding effect

- Overlay is the perfect way to show your creativity and uniqueness

If you missed the setup guide, on how to create your Feedlink page, please click the button below

Since now you are all set and ready, please watch the video below, to learn more about Link Styles

I hope the video was helpful and gave you a lot of ideas on how you can make your visual improvements.

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