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How to Embed Your Forms in WordPress Websites
How to Embed Your Forms in WordPress Websites

Display your forms in WordPress websites.

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In this article, you can find the steps on how to display your Forms in any WordPress website.

First, feel free to check out this article on how to create and publish your first form, or see a quick reminder on how you can create and publish your first form here - go to Forms on your left, and click on the Create form button on the top-right:

Choose whether you want to create your form from scratch, or use one of our ready-to-use templates:

Once you create and customise the form to your liking, make sure to publish it, and the form is ready to be embedded - click on Embed form on website, and your widget will be created:

After you generate your Forms widget in your EmbedForms account, you will need to copy the provided code as shown below:

Once you have the code go to WordPress.

  • Choose the page where you want to add the Form widget

  • Click the + button in the new editor

  • Choose Shortcode or Custom HTML

Make sure to click Save once you're done.

That's it!

Make sure you click Save once you're done.

And here's a preview of how you social feeds widget will look like on your WordPress page:

If you have any questions or need more help, please feel free to reach out and chat with us or send us an email at

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