How to set up Redirect Link
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A redirect Link temporarily send all visitors directly to one chosen link for a set period of time.

With Redirect link, you never need to swap out your bio link again.

Follow the steps below to setup your Redirect link:

  1. Open the editor of your Feedlink page

  2. Go to 'General settings' tab in the left sidebar menu

  3. On the Redirect Link section, firstly enable toggle option for temporarily redirecting visitors to specific link and set up a redirect URL into provided input field

  4. Select the date & time you want your redirect to turn off

  5. Once you finish with setup don't forget to hit the Save button so that changes can be reflected on your page.

Your audience will now be redirected to the specified link.

Note: If you want to turn off the redirect before the link expires, simply disable toggle option.

When you should use redirect link?

Sometimes you will need to put all your efforts in one place, whether it be for launching a new product, promoting an event or releasing single. Directing traffic can help make sure that everyone knows about the upcoming event.

The power of Redirect links is you get to set how long you want your traffic to pass over your Feedlink. Once your Redirect link expires, your Feedlink will be automatically restored.

All of this without changing your bio link!

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