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Why my collaboration posts are not being pulled inside my Instagram widget?
Why my collaboration posts are not being pulled inside my Instagram widget?

Learn how to pull and display your Instagram collaboration posts inside your EmbedSocial account.

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You are interested in why some of your collaboration posts are not being displayed inside your widget?

Thank you for posing this question. Please read further to understand the reason why your collaboration posts are still not shown inside your EmbedFeed account and how you can pull them.

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As you know Instagram collaboration posts are a type of content on Instagram where two or more users partner to create and share a post. This is often done for mutual benefit, such as reaching a larger audience, sharing different perspectives, or promoting a product or service.

There are two ways to pull the collaboration posts inside your EmbedFeed account.

1. If you posted the collaboration post and invited another user to be a collaborator these posts will be pulled through the "@Business" source:

2. If you are the collaborator and other users have sent the collaboration post to you these posts can be pulled via the "@Mentions" source:

Please note that in order to pull mentioned posts, your Instagram account must be an Instagram business account that is linked to a Facebook page due to Instagram API requirements.

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