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A Step-by-Step Guide on how to customize your Meta title, Meta description, and Meta image on your .link page

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Tired of leaving your online presence to chance? Want to boost your content's visibility on search engines and have control over how it looks? Great news! We're excited to announce our latest feature for Feedlink: SEO Settings. Now you can take charge and improve your online visibility effortlessly!

In this tutorial, we will show you how to do just that, to customize your Meta title, Meta description, and Meta image on your page.

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TL;DR - Quick guide:

  1. Head to the General Settings tab.

  2. Look for the SEO settings section.

  3. Add your Meta Title, Description & Image

  4. Apply all your changes and watch the magic happen on Google's search engine.

For more details with screenshots, follow the steps below:

First of all, once you have created your .link page and it is active this is how it looks on Google search:

Editing a page

How to add your Meta Title, Description & Image

In order to add your Meta Title, Description, and Image you will need to:

1. Click 'Edit page' on the feedlink page where you want to make the changes:

Adding SEO settings

2. Click 'General settings':

Clicking General settings

3. Look for the 'SEO settings' section and add your desired Meta Title, Description, and Image:

Ajouter des paramètres de référencement

Please note that the maximum size of the image is 1MB and the accepted formats for the image are .jpg, .jpeg, and .png.

That's it! All you have to do now is wait until Google replicates the changes to your page!

Now, through our newest setting, every user with a .link domain can seize the power of search engine optimization by customizing their very own Meta title, Meta description, and Meta image.

If you have any questions, click the bottom right chat icon to talk with our customer success team or send us an email at support@embedsocial.com

We're here for you 🙏

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