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Apps' Features

Apps' Features

Find out about the features of the apps offered with the EmbedSocial platform.

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What is EmbedSocial?

EmbedSocial is a platform that gathers innovative marketing tools, widgets and apps that will help you make the most out of your digital marketing. Currently, the most used app in the EmbedSocial platform is the Facebook notifications app, allowing marketers to communicate with Facebook users directly through Facebook notification.

What kind of apps are there in the EmbedSocial platform?

The EmbedSocial platform offers 3 types of apps:

  • Facebook notification app
  • Facebook gallery
  • Discounts mobile app

The platform will be constantly upgraded with new widgets and apps. Stay tuned.

How to buy the Facebook notifications app?

In order to start using the Facebook notifications app, you will need to purchase an account. Follow the registration process, select which plan suits you best and in few moments you will have your EmbedSocial account created and ready to use.

Who will receive my Facebook notifications?

In order to start sending notifications, you will need to have subscribers or Facebook users that have given their permission to receive Facebook notifications. You can generate subscribers, by embedding a “Subscribe” button in your website – a call to action button, asking your website visitors to subscribe, become loyal subscribers and receive incentives or special content.

The Facebook users that have clicked your Subscribe button and have given permission to receive your Facebook notifications, are listed in the Subscribers section in the EmbedSocial admin panel.

How many notifications can I send?

Depending on your purchase plan, you can send from 5000 to 20000 notifications per week. If you need this limit increased please contact us.

Can I customize the "Subscribe" button?

You can customise the text of the button only. If you require additional customisation of the button design you will need to contact us.

How to get the Mobile Catalogue App?

Currently the Mobile Catalogue App is solely available upon request and direct contact with our team. You can contact us here and provide us with:

  • Logo
  • Primer branding color
  • App name
  • Choose language: Macedonian, Albanian or English
  • App store description

These materials will be used to customize the app for your needs.

Can I customize the free Facebook gallery plugin?

You can use the settings that are already available, and we do not provide custom changes for the free version of the plugin. Additional, customization settings and no-branding are available in the paid version of the plugin.

Pre-Sales Question?

If you think that you are a potential user but you are still not sure how our platform can benefit you, please feel free to have a chat with us and send us all your enquiries.

The quickest way to get your questions answered, is by chatting with us through Facebook messenger. Click the link below to open a chat with our Facebook page account, where you can directly write to our team.

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