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How Can I Embed My Form on My Website?
How Can I Embed My Form on My Website?

Steps on how you can embed a form on website.

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With EmbedForms, you can display the form on your website as a banner, button, or floater, or you can also embed the whole form on a web page, and collect more responses!

Below, you can find the simple steps to publish and display your form:

1. First, go to your forms, and make sure that your form is published:

2. Once your form is published, you can go ahead and display the form by clicking on the Embed form on website link:

3. Once your widget is created, go to Widget settings, choose one of the offered triggers (in this example we select the Banner option), and click on Save in the top-right corner:

4. Then copy the code from the top-left corner, and paste it on your website:

That's it!

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