Benefits of AMP format
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AMP is “an open-source HTML framework that provides a straightforward way to create pages that are fast, smooth-loading and prioritise the user experience above all else.”

There are many potential advantages of AMP depending on your page – including less data consumption, improved server performance, a free CDN, and higher ad view ability.

When you enable mobile pages on the AMP format you get:

1. Faster page load time - the median load time for an AMP page is less than one second.

Plus, speed often has a run-on effect of a more optimized user experience, witnessed by:

  • Higher time on site

  • Increased conversion rates

2. Additional Visibility in Google Search Results: AMP pages are always accompanied by an enhanced appearance in Google SERPs on mobile.

3. Low bounce rate - Improved mobile compatibility and reduced loading time lower the bounce rate of your page effectively.

4. Mobile friendly page - AMPs are accessible across all devices making them an ideal mobility solution SEO-friendly.

The reason why AMP pages load instantly is because AMP restricts HTML/CSS and JavaScript, allowing faster rendering of mobile web pages. Unlike regular mobile pages, AMP pages are automatically cached by Google AMP Cache for faster load times on Google search.

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