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How to change the title of the form, and add a description?
How to change the title of the form, and add a description?

Add description and change the title of the form.

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This article, will show you how to change the title on any of your Forms, and add a description to it.

If you missed the setup guide on how to create your first Form, please click the button below:

Since now you have your first Form, or you had it previously let's jump to changing the title and adding a description.

Step 1.

From the home screen, click the Forms button, on the left-hand side, and choose which form you want to 'edit' (screenshot below)

Step 2.

Go with your mouse over the title, and click on it to be able to re-write and change it.

For the description, you repeat the same process, just click on it, and add your text.

Once you are done with adding the title and description, click 'Save' in the top-right corner, and both the title and description will be applied.

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