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View the Responses You Collect With EmbedForms
View the Responses You Collect With EmbedForms

Learn how to view each response you collected in your Form

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Once your Form is published and it has collected responses, you can see the responses in your EmbedSocial account.

To do this, go to the Responses section on the left, and you will see all of your collected responses in the dashboard:

If you would like to see responses only from one specific form, you can simply do this by choosing the form in the top drop-down menu:

Once you filter out the responses you would like to see, you can open and check out each one individually, by clicking on the view option on the right side of each response:

By clicking the view button, you can see the form response in detail:

Lastly, you can access and export your responses by going inside your form. To learn more about this, check out this article.

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