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What is an EmbedSocial widget and how to add it to your Feedlink page?
What is an EmbedSocial widget and how to add it to your Feedlink page?

What is considered as an EmbedSocial widget, and how to add it to your Feedlink page.

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All widgets from EmbedSocial are available to embed on your Feedlink page. This means that you can embed:

  • Google reviews

  • Facebook recommendations

  • Instagram stories

  • Pinterest boards

  • YouTube playlists

  • Forms widgets

  • And more...

To do this, we built a new block in Feedlink - 'EmbedSocial Widget' where all EmbedSocial users using Feedlink can easily paste a code from a widget and display it on their Feedlink page.

Here is how to get started:

Steps to embed EmbedSocial widget in Feedlink

Step 1: Get the widget code from your EmbedSocial account

  1. First, log in to your EmbedSocial account and go to the 'Widgets' tab

  2. Connect your source and Create the widget.

  3. Once you have created your widget, you can then customize it to match your page's look and feel.

  4. Once you are happy with your widget, simply copy the code

How to copy the code from your widget

Step 2: Now, go to Feedlink > open your Feedlink page > click on Explore button and then select EmbedSocial widget from the list (as show below)

how to add embedsocial widget block

Step 3: Paste the widget code and the widget will appear on your Feedlink page

how to paste the widget code to the block input

That's it.

For each widget that you have created in your EmbedSocial account, a unique widget code gets generated, and you can use this code to display the widget on your Feedlink page. You can choose to generate your widget from different products.

For non-users here are all the widgets that are available in the EmbedSocial platform:

Create a social media feed widget

social media feeds and hashtags campaigns

EmbedFeed which is a social media aggregator and you can generate feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube or Vimeo.

You will have complete control over your feed look, meaning the widget is totally modifiable, and you can customize it based on your needs.

If you don't have an EmbedFeed Widget you can check this helpful article:

Create reviews widget

how to show reviews and social proof widgets

EmbedReviews which enables you to collect all reviews posted on your Google location or Facebook page by your customers.

Then, it automatically syncs and updates the reviews on your website and also creates custom reviews or imports your third-party reviews.

If you don't have an EmbedReviews Widget you can check this helpful article:

Forms widgets

embed online forms in feedlink

EmbedForms is an online form builder that helps you create your form in less than a minute and customize to your style.

You can embed the whole form on a web page, as a banner, button, or floater and collect more responses!

If you don't have an EmbedForms Widget you can check this help article:

Embed Instagram Stories widget

how to display instagram stories

EmbedStories helps you generate and save your Instagram stories content so you can re-use it and display it on your website.

It also expands the reach of your Instagram stories beyond your Instagram account and increases the average time your users spend on your page by interacting with the story.

If you don't have an EmbedStories Widget you can check this helpful article:

That's it! You're now ready to start collecting social proof and driving more traffic to your website.

If you need any assistance from our end or If you need help, please contact us at:

Let us know if you have questions or need more details.

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