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How Can I Use The Same Widget In Different Layouts?
How Can I Use The Same Widget In Different Layouts?

This article will help you how to copy the widget or clone it and use it with different layouts, settings, and moderation.

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There will be cases when you will need to use the same widget built of the same sources but with slight changes like a different layout.

EmbedReviews, EmbedFeed, and EmbedStories offer the possibility to clone the already created widgets to save you time.

Follow these simple steps to make it happen:

1. Navigate to the Widgets tab and click on the three dots in the Actions column next to the widget and choose 'Clone':

Clonning a widget

2. After you clone the widget, a pop-up confirmation message will appear. Click “Confirm” to clone the widget.

Confirming for the specific widget to be cloned

That’s it! The cloned widget will appear at the top.

Now you can enter within the widget and make the changes.

The same steps should be followed for EmbedForms as well, the only difference is that instead of 'Clone' you need to click 'Duplicate'.

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