How to request reviews via Email?

Steps on how to create an email template and request reviews via email from your customers

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In this article, we will cover the possibility of collecting reviews by sending emails to your customers.

You can do this manually by sending the emails via your email editor or by using a software tool that you can send these emails through and have the chance to store the submitted reviews in a web-based application automatically.

Collect reviews automatically by email with EmbedReviews

Here are the steps to collect reviews via email with the EmbedReviews platform:

1. Go to 'Email&SMS' on the left-hand side menu and click on 'Request Review' to ask for a review from your customers:

Navigating to the email and sms tab and clicking to request a review

2. Select 'Email Requests':

Choosing email requests

2. In the email edit form, select the desired template, submit the name of the customer and email, and click 'Send request':

Fulfilling the client details in order to ask for a review

You can send up to 50 email requests per day, just by separating the emails by a comma on the 'Customer email' field.

Note: Before you request a review, you can also customize the email, write your own email template, or add your own HTML code, so please refer to this article:

Once the customers receive the request, they will only need to click the provided link and submit the review. For example, you can add a link from your Collect form as well:

Example of the customized Collect form added in the email template

Example of the customized form

For additional customizations, you can check out the Settings tab, where you'll be able to set a reminder or enable email notifications every time you receive a new review.

Navigating to the settings tab for further customizations

Once you collect the review, you will be able to view it in the All Reviews section, and also you can use this review and showcase it on your website.

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