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How to customize your SMS template?
How to customize your SMS template?

Create and customize your SMS Template and send SMS Review requests to your customers.

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Sending SMS requests through EmbedReviews is a straightforward process that requires a low effort to set up and provides a highly personalized approach when it comes to gathering feedback from your users!

In this article, we will cover the steps needed for creating and customizing your SMS request templates.

To start off, go into the Requests tab on the left-hand side menu. Here you can view the previous requests that you have sent as well as a button to create a new Request:

Next, navigate into the Templates tab where you can see the option to create a new, template or you could simply edit one of the existing ones (by clicking on the middle icon next to the desired template, pointed to by the bottom arrow).

Here you are able to change the template name, localisation and message. The SMS parameters on the right allow you to provide the user with a link that leads to the review form and an Unsubscribe link which disables further notifications from this moment on, upon clicking it.

Finally, after saving the template you can go to the All Reviews tab again and click on the “Request Review +” button, select SMS Request from the dropdown list and you will be redirected to a new page where you can select any of the existing templates.

Here you will be required to enter the user’s name and phone number, and optionally tag the response for future convenience.

You can also see a preview of the template to make sure the message is as you desire! Then you can go ahead and send the request.

You can now send this SMS message to multiple users and request them to review you.

Feel free to reach out and let us know if you have any questions.

We're happy to help!

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