General Information

General information about the platform

What is a Source?What is considered as a source in the platform, and how many sources you can connect.
What is a Feed?What is considered as a feed, and how many feeds you can create.
Do you offer Enterprise plans?Steps on how to request a custom Enterpsrise quote if you want to connect more than 15 sources.
Is there a limit on widget views on my website?Do you have a limit on how many people can see the widget embedded on my website?
Where can I find my widget code?Where can I find my widget code, so I can embed it on my website?
How Can I Use The Same Widget In Different Layouts?This article will help you how to copy the widget or clone it and use it with different layouts, settings, and moderation.
Do our widgets contain cookies?In this article you can learn how we treat and if EmbedSocial widgets contain cookies.
Can I start a trial without entering my credit card details?Try a 7 days free trial without entering your credit card/payment details in EmbedSocial
How to Pause your Subscription?Steps on how to pause your current paid subscription due to inactivity or want to take a break, but not canceling.
Can I use this on a custom made website?Our widgets work in custom websites that do not use a CMS for their website management.
How to refresh 'Missing Permission' on your Social accounts and make sure you have the correct permissions.How to successfully connect, refresh permission on your Facebook, Instagram accounts. To continue to auto update your posts
Is there a limit, on how many websites the widget can be embedded?The number of websites you can display the widget on is unlimited.
Can I extend my free trial?If you need more time to test the solution you can extend the free trial inside the billing section.
Do you offer API Key and API documentation?EmbedSocial API access, and what I need to get it?
Can I embed the widgets through an iframe code?You can display your reviews, feeds, albums, or stories in an iframe.
How to add Lazy loading to your widget?This article provides steps that will help you add lazy loading to your EmbedSocial widget code, to fix the loading issues on your website
How to Import Google Fonts for your WidgetSteps on how you can import fonts from Google to your EmbedSocial widget.
If I cancel the subscription, will the widget continue to be shown on my website?Learn more what happens to the widget when you cancel.
Do I have to re-embed the widget every time I make a change?Learn if you will need to re-embed the widget on your website every-time you make a change on the editor inside your EmbedSocial account
Can I create multiple widgets from different sources inside my account?Learn if you will be able to create different widgets inside your account from different sources.
I have re-activated my subscription but the widgets are still not shown on my websiteLearn why the widgets are not shown on your website after you have re-activated your subscription
Do you have an affiliate program?Learn more details regarding the affiliate program
How to create downloadable images out of your widget?Steps and instructions on how to create and download an image out of your created widget.