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Setup guide: Create an online form
Setup guide: Create an online form

Steps to create an online form using EmbedForms

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In this tutorial, we outline a simple step-by-step tutorial on creating your first form by using the form builder EmbedForms.

Before you start, just log in to your account and follow these steps:

1. Choose 'Start from scratch' or pick a template

Note: The 'Scratch' option provides you a default template that you can edit entirely in the form editor. Templates are pre-built forms for a specific industry or a use case.

2. Edit form

  • Add new form fields: In the editor, click the '+ Add question' option to add form fields. For each form field, you can write your own label text and text for the options - if you are using multiple choice, dropdown, or similar components.

  • Remove form fields: On clicking on each form field, you will get options to interact with the field. To remove a form field, just click the 'delete' icon.

3. Change form theme

Themes are the form designs, and you can change a theme in just 1 click. To do this:

  • Navigate to the left-hand Settings panel;

  • In Themes, choose which theme you want by clicking 'Apply';

  • to preview the form with the new theme, just click the top-right 'Preview' button.

4. Save form

If you want to keep the form but still don't want to publish it just click 'Save' and come back later to edit or publish it live.

5. Publish form

Once you are happy with your form and you want to make it publicly available, you will only need to publish it.

To do this, in the top-right bar, click the switch to ON and the system will change the status of your form to 'Published'.

6. View public form

To view your public form, click the 'View live' link or just copy and paste the form link in a new browser tab.

For a detailed step by step walkthrough, watch the video tutorial below:

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