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How to import reviews and show them in your responsive website builder
How to import reviews and show them in your responsive website builder

Bulk import reviews you've collected from other platforms like Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Capterra, Trustradius, chat or email

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The EmbedReviews app allows you to easily import your current reviews that you have saved in a spreadsheet or reviews you have downloaded from third-party platforms. Once you do this, you can display them in a widget on your responsive website builder.

To import reviews, you will need to make sure your reviews are structured in a spreadsheet according to the following guidelines:

Import reviews file specification

The Reviews Import tool accepts data in comma-separated values (CSV) file format. The first row of the template or data file contains column headings. Each subsequent row corresponds to a custom review that needs to be imported.

You can upload a maximum of 500 reviews in one file. Download the template file here.


name, review_date, rating, review_text, email, tags, custom_link, reviewer_photo_url
  • name: Reviewer name

  • review_date: You can choose the date format

  • rating: Number 1 – 5

  • review_text: Review text

  • email: Reviewer email

  • tags: Review tags, comma-separated

  • custom_link: Individual Review link. This link will take precedence over the source link

  • reviewer_photo_url: Reviewer photo URL

Required columns are name, review_date, and rating. The other columns may be empty, but they must be comma-separated

Import the reviews spreadsheet in EmbedReviews app

Once you have your reviews spreadsheet structured as the guidelines above, you can go to your EmbedReviews app and just upload this file.

To do this, just follow the steps:

1. Go to 'Sources' page and click 'Add source' and look for the option 'Custom reviews'

2. Once you are redirected to a new page click on 'Import reviews' button

3. Choose where the Uploaded file to populate the reviews (1st field), and select the date format that you use in the CSV file (2nd field):

That’s it!

Now the imported reviews will show in the selected source and you can use them to create a widget that you can show on your responsive website builder.

Here is a guide that will help you to display imported reviews in your responsive website builder.

If you have any questions or need more assistance, please feel free to reach out anytime and chat with us or send an email at


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