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How to receive more responses, using the email request option?
How to receive more responses, using the email request option?

Use our email request option, to send your form to your customers or employees for an email feedback!

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One of the best methods to receive feedback from your Form might be through email. You can try to proactively request people to leave a response to your form, by requesting them through email.

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Follow the steps in order to request feedback via email through EmbedForms:

1. Click 'Home', then click the three small dots over your Form that you want to be sent through email, and select 'Share':

Navigating pon the home page to click share on the desired form

​2. A pop-up will appear, to write the emails of the people you want to send the form to, so they can leave you a response and click 'Send email'

Typing the desired emails and sending the email request

​Keep in mind that you can add multiple emails at once. That's it! Now, let's wait and see If your candidates will fill out your form!

If you want to receive a notification when someone leaves a response, check out this guide: Receive an email notification after you get a response to your Form!

For any questions or additional assistance please feel free to reach out anytime, or send us an email at

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